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DESSMANN is a leading company in the world specializing in research & production of smart door locks and safes. Office in Stuttgart (Germany), Dessmann door products have been distributed globally. With a system of 70 representative offices in 70 countries and up to 1,000 retail stores. Surely Dessmann will provide the best products and services to customers.

Dessmann's research & development center is constantly developing, in order to bring the best products to customers. Dessmann owns its own lock and safe factory, so every product delivered to customers is thoroughly censored. Customers who own Dessmann's products fully enjoy the highest quality & customer care service.

Dessmann Germany

The flagship product of Dessmann's fingerprint lock, fingerprint safe is applied in high-class apartment projects, hospitals, schools, offices, government agencies to each household.

With a maintenance policy, warranty up to 36 months worldwide, customers are completely assured of the quality & service for all Dessmann products.

Dessmann Company

Discover the special features of the Dessmann lock from Germany

4 ways to unlock
Dessman high-end fingerprint lock can be opened by fingerprint, magnetic card, code or backup mechanical key.
User can choose any one of the above four methods to unlock

Convenient, flexible and safe all the way to open the door for each member of your family.

Alert message when there is an intrusion

Easy to use

Warning system

The lock will signal when the battery is low for the user to change the battery. In this case, the lock can still be opened up to 200 times from the time of the warning. If you still do not change the battery, you can use an external source to activate the battery to open the door or you can use a spare mechanical key.

Special alert feature only available in Dessmann fingerprint lock. If someone intentionally opens your door. After a number of unsuccessful openings. The system will turn on the siren.

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